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The Art

Hung Kuen Systems Hung Kuen Weapons
Specialised Systems Specialised Weapons
Pugilism Grappling
Joint Locking (Chin Na) Vital Point Striking (Dim Mak)
Breathing Techniques (Chi Gong) Advanced Tactics and Strategy
Traditional Training Aids Modern Training Aids
Sport Sparring 

What is Hung Kuen Kung Fu?
Hung Kuen or Hung Gar Kuen “Hung Family Boxing” is a Kung Fu system that originates from the Southern Shaolin temple in Fukien province, dating back to over 300 years ago. Its history begins with the Shaolin monk and Zen teacher Gee Seen Sim See who taught Tiger Fist to Hung Hei Goon, who is widely accepted as the founder of the system. The temple was destroyed by the Ching forces (Manchu’s) who saw the monks as a threat to their unpopular rule over the Chinese people.  Some monks and their disciples managed to escape and began to spread Hung Kuen throughout Southern China.  Today, Hung Kuen is one of the most popular systems of Kung Fu throughout the world.

As well as Hung Kuen, we teach many other traditional Shaolin styles including Lau Gar, Shaolin Wing Chun and Flower Boxing.  These systems are gradually introduced as the students progress through their studies at the school. We emphasis accuracy, focus and power in execution of all systems and help students gain practical and functional understanding and application of related techniques. Topics covered in our school are numerous and varied and include traditional empty hand and weapon forms, pugilism, grappling, ground fighting, locking and holding, vital point striking, breathing techniques, fight strategy, modern and traditional training aids.